First and last snow

Today February 15, is the patronal feast day of Brescia. Faustino and Giovita, warrior saints from the second century AD, are celebrated. During the siege of the Lombards in Brescia (VII century), they appeared on the city’s walls and defended it. A proverb says that San Faustino is the last merchant of snow. And just this morning, getting up at 5 am, I found the very welcome surprise of seeing snow. A sight that does not leave one indifferent. All white, all calm: all that remains is to be enchanted to watch. Today also comes into force the mandatory vaccination for the over-50s. Who is more hostile towards people (elderly, children, workers): the snow or the elite of the universal masters?


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  1. Thanks, friends, for your likes.
    I looked at this photo a few times and alone the thoughts became words that could express my feelings.
    This is “kairos”: the exact time; a passage that opens once and allows you to go elsewhere.
    The photo, that is, in another order of time and perception – is the synchronization between that moment of my life and an event of nature in which I wanted to participate. Perhaps there is also a thank-you in between. The photo, precisely because it captures a unique moment, makes it clear that these temporal openings exist: what was so unconsciously irresistible that drove me to take this picture? It was a gentle, calm pressure that rationality would have immediately silenced. But at five in the morning, one is a little freer than at eight.

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