Do I Know You?

My wife has recently been through a course of treatment at our medical centre which involved 4 separate visits. The mere thought of preparing for a short journey there was daunting for her. The carer (care giver) had to make an extra visit to help get her washed, dressed and ready for every event. Usually there was an extra wait of around 30 minute’s  because the doctor was “behind schedule”! On the very first visit we saw around 5 different people each checking a separate part of the treatments. The final nurse, who was just checking blood pressure and blood sugar levels, had a really familiar look, we both had the same feeling at the same moment. We had no time really to investigate our curiosity as the doctor was finally calling for us. On the second of these journeys to the medical centre we knew what the experiences would be like, except that a different doctor would be attending because the first one had called in sick!

We made our way gradually through the laborious routine until we got to the ‘blood nurse’ as we had named her. Yes it was the same one and we were even more sure that we knew her from somewhere. We chatted a little and the nurse just happened to mention that in her younger years her mum used to take her on weekends away while her dad was away at his work. When she mentioned a particular area that most of her childhood visits were at, we remembered her and her mother. They were part of a family of four that used the same naturist club as us, way back in the 1990’s. As the recollections came flooding back I had mental pictures of her and her mum plus an older sister playing all kinds of sports games, little Ellie would often run to us to ‘hide’ from the others. I remembered particularly her shoulder long red hair flying all around her as she ran around, always in a hurry.  I asked this chatty nurse if her name was indeed ‘Ellie Louise..K’ and the expression on her face was amazing! the sudden realization of who we were and some of those memories rushing back in seconds . “Oh Wow!” she gasped, “Yes you’re that lovely couple always sitting at the side of the lawns and sharing a large jug of iced orange juice!”  the happiness of those memories brought laughs & a few little tears, she hugged us both as she relived many happy times there, way back. The doctor called…..  .

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      • Nurse Ellie Louise has been in touch with us again today. She told her mother that she has met up with us again, her reaction was apparently one of excitement & questions. Her mother wants her to get in touch and arrange a ‘get-together’ to sit and recall many memories from those way back days.
        So we’ll arrange to meet sometime, when we both feel well enough & able to travel again.

        • We travelled yesterday to meet again with Ellie Louise and this time we met her mum and her auntie Mayla, all in a beautiful spring garden. As soon as we talked to Allison about those distant times her eyes sparkled. She recalled so many happy memories and almost brought tears to her own eyes. Her sister Mayla laughed too, she was also a member of the club back in the late 1980’s and well into 2005. Strangely we could only recall Mayla being there on two or three occasions, a strikingly beautiful and well tanned athletic type. Ellie came to bring us drinks and told us of holidays the threesome shared to naturist clubs & resorts, including the well known Cap d’Agde.
          We all talked, laughed and enjoyed around 3 hours of reminiscences, looking at photographs that had not been seen in many years. Sadly Ellie’s father passed away when she was only 4 years old, so he never saw the bubbly happy child we knew or the magnificently talented nurse that she had become. Her mum Allison had a few tears but told of her years of blissful marriage lasting 10 years. Her late husband had introduced her to naturism via camping & hiking holidays. He was in some of the photographs and looked amazingly fit, tall and with a well trained physique , also showing a full head of red hair, the marker that Ellie had taken on and showed in full glory!

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