La luce accende il mondo

Il sole è appena sorto. C’è ancora un fresco venticello che accarezza le canne e i rami del pioppo. Le foglie sono dello stesso colore che avevano in autunno: qualcosa continua, si riprende un discorso interrotto. Contemplo la foto e la mente si riempie delle cose che vedo: non sono ancora pensieri, men che meno parole: sono cose vive che mi vedo dintorno. Devo anche far altro, ma una parte di me continua ad essere lì. E continuo a guardare, a meravigliare. È solo l’attimo di uno scatto, ma parrebbe per sempre.


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    • Many thanks, Andy.
      Inspiring, you say: Your word brooded one day, and other facts were added.
      Last year, on the last day of the holiday (around 10 September), some children living in my street took off their shirts and played shirtless all afternoon. Yesterday too, the first day of the Easter holidays, they took off their shirts in the morning and played all day long: free, joyful, full of strength and enthusiasm.
      After two years of restrictions, I wondered if we, too, didn’t feel the urge to get rid of it all? In fine weather, this need becomes more and more pressing. And the body indeed has its own language, and if you stop to listen to it, if you follow its suggestions, you will find targeted at what you need. And the mind also banishes evil thoughts as if they never existed.

      • Yes Vittorio, We, who already have experience with nudity, know that Nudity is good for mental health..
        I have became a naturist when Covid has started and I felt positive effects of nudity on my body and soul…
        I came from nude walk refreshed and full of joy.

        • As Easter is approaching, thoughts and your words connected: the words of the Creed, “the Resurrection of the body”, came back to my mind. These are big, programmatic, life-changing words, like a passage through the Red Sea.

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