Tangled in the Light

Tangled in the Light. Surprisingly “tangled” and “entanglement” look very close. Now I understand why this place attracted me: because I wanted to be there = to fill in there. Setting myself in my nakedness, poverty, and essentiality, without weapons because there is no fight with no one because I feel invulnerable.

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    • Não tem problema meu amigo Vittorio. Só disse que eu amo andar também no outono e no inverno. O frio desvanece depois de alguns minutos e parece que nos faz sentir muito mais o que há em torno de nós e nós mesmos vestidos somente com o que Deus nos deu.

      There’s no problem, my friend Vittorio. I just said I love walking in autumn and winter, too. The cold fades after a few minutes and it seems to make us feel much more what is around us and we ourselves dressed only with what God has given us.

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