Laundry Day

During summer the need for laundry days are limited. But now, during winter and working period, it’s of course needed from time to time. Today I booked the laundry room in my house of flats, with two efficient machines. So why not wash also the clothes I was wearing on my way to the laundry room? Gave me some waiting time in the warm room, comfortably naked. 🙂

Laundry morning

Laundry morning

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  1. Good job you’re doing! The apartments we used to live in had a shared laundry room, some of the women who used it where quite upset if I saw their underwear coming out of the machines, so I turned my back until they had put them in a bag. One younger woman (Hanna) knew both myself & my wife from our days at a local naturist club, she would laugh and joke about not seeing her underwear when other people were waiting.

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