A quiet evening trio.

We had a fairly quiet Christmas Eve & Christmas Day really, we had our niece Lisa to stay over, her son & husband were both feeling ill with some virus infection. Lisa was quite well & very brightly happy & looking forward to our evening of tv films, mince pies and brandy sauce. We got into chatting about family holidays of years gone by, it was when Lisa was 14 that she began taking holidays with us both. Her dad passed away the year before & her mum wasn’t really coping too well, she felt more comfortable at her sister and her very quiet secluded bungalow.

Lisa adapted to our way of life quite readily, even as a teenager she didn’t hesitate going topless on holidays, when she came to our house without her mum for the first time, she looked at us both and then went to the bedroom, she came out naked and has continued ever since to follow our ‘style’.

We really enjoyed the chilled relaxed evening trio, Lisa became our waitress whenever we wanted fresh drinks or other food, she patted her stomach and laughed “Oh well, another 2 or 3 pounds added I guess?” It was after 1:30am when we got off to our beds and by 7:45am we were up and ready for Christmas day, we had a secret present for our lovely niece (a silver bracelet with a heart charm attached). It was almost 10 o’clock when she appeared but that was great, she was making the most of a peaceful morning without anyone noisily waking her at daybreak. She was stunned when she saw her gift and almost crying with joy. It was all we needed to see her happiness and hug her Christmas day along.  MAGICAL !

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  1. That sounds like a lovely Christmas. Ours was also quiet. We had planned for just us and a friend, but a few days before our great-nieces decided they wanted to come over. So we had them over for breakfast and exchanged some small gifts. They stayed for a few hours and we all had a marvelous time eating and playing games.

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