Yesterday was the annual party at the Bivacco Marino Bassi bivouac in the mountains of the Camonica Valley (N45°51’42.18 E10°17’54.11). You can get there in various ways, but always a two-and-a-half-hour walk. (The priest who was to celebrate mass arrived from the sky – by helicopter). There were about 200 people there. I go there every year. This year I took a photograph in front of the waterfall, just below where the hut is.


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    • Kindest Joe,
      This was the annual celebration of the Hiking Association. “The Wolves of St. Glisente.” But it is also an opportunity to draw all the people passionate about the mountains, especially those in our vicinity, which we have seen every day since birth. Only I do nudist hikes alone on non-holiday days. The small waterfall you see in the picture is right below the bivouac. At that time (9:30 a.m.), there were already about 100 people there, and they certainly would not have appreciated seeing me naked. For this reason, I am always very cautious when taking pictures of myself: not everyone would like to discuss it, and even before that, they would have deleted me from their friendship. We come from three catastrophic years in matter relations and friendship.

    • Thank you, Vittorio, Ján, Andy and Bepa.
      Through the body’s transparency, I see with crystal clarity my belonging to nature, my natural image, likeness and substance. And I am well pleased to belong to this life world.

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