Driving Free – Of all clothing is truly awesome. Having been brought up Nudist in a farm in Southwestern U.S.A. – where the weather is fantastic for Living Nudist. And with so much Federal land – Where there’s are no specific laws against Nudism per se. And great for Nude Hiking / Camping  / Fishing outdoors for multiple days as my Dad, Grandad and Nudist buddies enjoy. Driving to and from these trips without dressing gives one a grand feeling that your living in a Nudist World (i.e., Cap’d Agde). But you can always enjoy Nude Driving on rural roads, but out on the open highways  / roadways there are somethings you want to check make sure your all set and safe in case you get stopped and need to pull over.

Our road checks for Nude Driving is easy enough. Make sure your license plate is visible, all lights from – brake / front / back are in good working order and sit on something for a quick wrap. We use Sarongs for a quick tie around waist is great. Sarongs look natural, coming from beaches / pools or visiting Nudist relatives / friends or enjoying yourself solo for the sheer pleasures of being Naked out and about. In my case, I was driving Nude around our farm land before I even had my license and once I was of age receiving a license I’ve spent many hours driving doing farm chores or for visiting Nude venues, friends or doing solo drives outdoors pleasuring myself in in the woods where I used to go as a kid, exploring completely Naked climbing trees, campfires, hikes and so forth.

enjoy yourselves – don’t drink and drive Naked. Obey all driving rules and stay the speed limits. And you’ll be fine. Trucks and RV’s are excellent and no need to cover up as much when big trucks pass.
Anyone who wants to join in posting of their Naked driving adventures / desires to do so please do. Like to hear from Nudist Brothers and Sisters. Ask anything you want.
-Naked Johnny

* Here’s an interesting article below!!
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  1. It was 39c yesterday in Spain, so after I my usual Nude swim, I got in my car Naked and drove home, at my house I got out still Nude and opened my garage gates and drove my car in. It was a great feeling of freedom. The rest of my day was spent as usual here in Spain Naked.

  2. I have driven Naked quite a lot, particularly when I am here in Spain. I have a couple of times been to Vera Playa Nudist resort for the day, then at the end of the day leaving all my clothes in the boot, got in my car still Nude and driven all the way home, I got a look from the lady in the motorway toll booth, but she didn’t comment. It is a great freedom feeling, I am looking at wrapping something around the seat belt because that is a bit annoying against bare skin. As other people on here have mentioned.

  3. I have driven naked a number of times and some of those have been long journeys through towns, on motorways, all sorts; I make no distinctions. I have even had someone speak to me through the passenger window to advise me to turn around as there was an accident ahead blocking the road. He didn’t comment.

    I feel more alert when naked, which can only be better for my driving…

  4. The Daily Star seem to be trying to imply that driving naked is illegal. They don’t actually say it is, but by lumping it in with using your mobile when behind the wheel, which is illegal and they correctly state that, they seem to be seeking to convince the reader that so is being naked. It’s a shame they do this, but it is all that I would expect from any news media. To the best of my knowledge there are no laws against it in the UK at least. Obviously, you still must wear the safety-belt, but I consider that still naked as how is that different from the seat you’re sat on – it’s all part of sitting in the car.

    As for footwear, the guidance is that you should “only wear suitable shoes”, i.e. no flipflops, heals or sandals without a heal strap. It does not say you have to wear shoes at all. That word “only” instead of must, makes all the difference. The basis of the guidance is that you must be able to operate the pedals safely at all times and I feel safe in that respect with bare feet – I have proved I can easily do an emergency stop (with the ABS kicking in) without anything getting tangled if there is nothing to tangle!

  5. Agreed, the Daily Star may have helped promote the idea, I guess I’m just tired of the media in general and the way they portray Naturism. All publicity is good publicity, even if it is perpetuating myths.

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