We are all humans

What I see here is a human being. A body, beauty in one of it’s most natural forms. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It has evolved itself over thousands, if not millions of years. Some of us decide to alter our bodies to fit our mental image of ourselves (transgenders), some of … Read more

Body-mind nakedness

Body nakedness is a way to mind nakedness and vice versa. All the inner thin wibes we feel in our body when we are naked shake our thoughts. And even more, we can reach a state/place of thoughtlessness without fear, without shame: free from fear (law, society, neighbours…); free from shame (moral/social scheme, duties, slavery…). … Read more

Being and Nakedness

I was born naked. You would think everyone else was not. Ever since I can remember, clothing seemed completely unnecessary to me. As a kid, I swam naked, I slept naked, I played naked. Even though my friends insisted on wearing clothing I preferred the natural option. Now that I’m a Free Man, I take my freedom … Read more

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