Naturist soul

I consider myself naturist, but I have find it difficult to deal with in real world. Naturism is connected to nature, so I cannot really say that it fits well in a modern world we live in. The clothes emerged from a way to protect from us from weather, shame, to something that symbolizes our file and rank in the society. Adding to this, and the growing cities and population to millions, it made possible to urban engineers to calculate even less private space for people in communal places, buildings or mainly in the means of transportations we use. You cannot use a metro in the rush hour without the protection of clothes, otherwise you are being invasive to other’s people body, or being invaded. T

modern world was not “designed” for unclothed people.  The best frame for naturism is in the wild, far or deserted places.

Ditto, “social naturism” is something I have a relation with love and hate. While I like to be with others in a natural setting doing a pic nic or telling stories around the fire,  when I am walking I prefer to do it alone. It is the only way to get out of your small talk, your everyday thoughts and start thinking in the reality you are in. I feel an urge to be at distance, only hearing the murmur of a stream, the hush hush of the winds and the roaring of a cascade or waves.

In the process you start to feel somehow a kind of enlightenment. Specially if you believe in God. Even if you don’t, you cannot escape the feeling that the world is beautiful and it is like made to be witnessed by ours souls as a whole.

That is why  souls are represented naked in heavens. We don’t need them there. Naturism for me is a way to connect with our inner souls and the core of what is conscience.


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  1. Well stated, Luis!

    I particularly relate to what you said about walking alone in nature. While it is good to be around others, and true that humans are social beings, there is a special peace to be experienced while totally alone in nature. The feelings of connection with nature while walking naked and barefoot in forests, deserts, mountains, and other natural places are spiritual and organic, as if we are yearning to return to our true place in the world.

  2. It’s nice that you connected nature, being alone in nature, being naked away from the wild crowd with what we perceive to be the soul and especially the great work that constantly happens in us and day after day changes the perception of ourselves, of our place in the world and also changes our (self)consciousness.

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