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About me

Have been a nudist for decades. Prior member of Elysium and Glen Eden. Not active in any clubs at this time.I was the founder and operator of NudistStop.com if anyone remembers that. It was a great place to promote a nude positive world. Unfortunately, after several years of successful operation the site was hacked and destroyed and through a gross misunderstanding with my ISP, we were unable to restore the site from old backups. The work to put it back together was too much for the available time that I had. So for the time being the site lies in memorial, maybe to return someday. But if sites like this prosper, we can just move on.I was also a moderator for NudistenForum for several years before the site closed. I miss my many NF friends and am in the process of joining me here.I am a firm supporter of living in a nudity tolerant world and am willing to help do the work to make that idea materialize into reality.I enjoy meditation and have been on a vegan diet for the last couple of years. I went vegan after heart surgery, pledging never to have to go through that ordeal again. My wife and I are active in the California wine community and always enjoy a wonderful glass of wine. We also enjoy fine representational art … southwestern, indian, landscape and wildlife.My wife of over 25 years is my best friend and we enjoy opportunities to find new nudist experiences and make new nudist friends.

Who I'd like to meet

Others interested in expanding the opportunities for a nude tolerant world.



Don't watch a lot of movies, but when I do, I tend to enjoy a broad range of genres.


Pretty much all types are enjoyable to me.

Clubs, organizations or federations



I've been into technology, in one way or another for over 40 years. I greatly enjoy photography and travel. Woodworking is a favorite hobby. I am a voracious reader across a huge range of non-fiction topics.



United States