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    Kenneth Burghardt - "I’m not into yoga but anything done nude id good lol,great picture too"View
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    MrTexas verified badge - "@anitata Welcome back! Happy new year to you and your husband! God bless you both!"View
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    Rich F verified badge - "@kazek84 thanks for all the likes"View
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    Sandy Kennedy - "In February my girlfriend and I are going to Paya Bay Resort on the island of Roatan, Honduras. Have any of you been there? Any tips for us?"View
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    Vee Kay verified badge - "@profile-9151 Lovely nudist profile pictures, Estrella!"View
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    Tom Mura - "the south of France sounds like a nice place to be."View
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    Micheal W. Taylor verified badge - "Cool nights, naked body, warm flannel sheets — ahahhhhh."View
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    JamesD34NY - "When I logged in today all my messages have disappeared. Anyone else have the same problem?"View
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    Martin Striegel verified badge - "If interested, please join my group for NUD R US FAMILY NUDIST CLUB (NFNC) on MeWe:"View
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    Roger Ritter verified badge - "It looks better on a sunny day with lots of people. I’m sure you can’t wait for summer to return!"View
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    Dane Hays verified badge - "Hi everyone, my one computer died and I lost all of my information on emails and websites. So I have had to re-construct a lot. It may be easier to reach me via my private email: and I am […]"View
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    Harold Connors verified badge - "@vartan70 Hi….. Just wanted to say Thank You for accepting my friend request"View
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    John P - "Henry, I’m very happy to see something from you “in your own words”! I’ve always enjoyed seeing your artwork in N magazine (most recently on the cover, no less) and at the recent Eastern Naturist Gathering, Nicky […]"View
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    SPI Maker verified badge - "I have been away in recent months, been very busy trying to get some projects completed, but wanted to take this opportunity to will everyone at a happy and prosperous NUDE new year. SPI"View
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    Liam Cyfrin verified badge - "That’s how we all should be brought up."View
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    Northwest Nudist verified badge - "Looking outside…at the cold gray clouds and secretly wishing to be lounging around on a white sandy beach, naked and enjoying a fruity drink with an umbrella."View
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