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    Kieran verified badge - "Please see updated details & images in my media gallery of the Naturist Sun and Fun Event I am running in Southern Ireland on Sunday 26 May: […]"View
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    Richard - "Would it be too much to ask for by members who put up photos of lovely landscape or beaches put where it is, if you want too keep it secret just name the country please, as I look at them and just think WoW but […]"View
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    Tore from Norway - "Very nice."View
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    Andrew Forest verified badge - "@blazingrahul Welcome to the site!"View
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    Pasis verified badge - "Hi, I’m going in mid-July for a couple of days in Oslo. Is there any place in Oslo where I could visit naked; beach, park, spa?"View
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    Ryan Carey verified badge - "Great photo. Would that happen to be a Via Ferrata? I’ve been looking at doing a Via Ferrata tour for a while."View
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    John Cooper - "@emily Hi Emily good to have you on Naktiv you will find some interesting subjects. Nice to have a female who will be able to put a female point of view to subjects. Enjoy your self."View
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    Nat Jones - "That is such a cool photo!"View
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    Jos - "happy to have had some local summer in Northern Germany last week! Enjoyed my stay at the naturist beaches of Eckernförde and Kiel 🙂"View
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    Juhani Hyppönen verified badge - "Happy nude Valentines Day"View
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    Happy Harold verified badge - "@alizaidiarts Love your site. Beautiful images and philosophy."View
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    Vittorio Volpi verified badge - "A dialogue with a neighbour: – I saw you naked in your front garden… – This is my house, and I can stay dressed as I want – But I can see you – Then, this is housebreaking. 🙂"View
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    Andrew Parsons - "hi all, i just signed up and joined the community. Happy to be part of it"View
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    Palo_ZA - "Hello, I have not found a direct link to support, so I will write here. I have known problem with “empty notifications” (already 5 months :)). thanks"View
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