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    Senvestulo - "I’ve wanted to see a map of naturist places for a while. I’ve consulted several naturist websites, and put out a “Google MyMap” with this info. This is early, in software terms it’s an alpha release. Please le […]"View
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    Jon - "@profile-9134 Hello Jan"View
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    Andy - "@profile-1058 Jon, thank you for your lovely photos of your enjoying nudity and naturism. Also I have realized that each nudist has a bit of a child in his soul and that is good."View
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    Jos - "Stunning!"View
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    Andrei "ihti.andr" - "Great events! I have participated once, in 2019 in Brussels"View
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    Brian Taylor - "@edpierc Thanks for the friend request. Where in the world are you?"View
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    Naktiv Admins - "@seethas51186 Post a profile photo without the face blanked out, or it will be removed. Please do not post the blank face photo again. Thank you."View
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    T. L. Lim - "It’s been 60 hours since I received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and I have not developed any side effects except for a slightly sore arm but it only lasted for two days."View
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    Tom Westcott - "There was a scandal yesterday in Germany, Saarbrücken. A group of naked bikers was stopped by the police and awaits now a penalty. That’s a shame in the 21st century!"View
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    Vittorio Volpi - "@riccardoschillacigmail-com Benvenuto, Riccardo. Qualche notizia in più su di te? A presto, Vittorio"View
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    Stu - "@dec #hiya Dec. I’ve just seen your latest camerawork on Vimeo, nice one. I’m going to have to investigate Cannock, hopefully this year when lockdown is lifted. I recently bought a camera strap similar to yours […]"View
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    Judith Hill - "Had a rough year due to the pandemic (ie: working from home, going to campus for COVID testing, teaching via zoom from my campus office, low enrollment = courses cancelled and reduction in pay…and then spending […]"View
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