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    Dennis - "Hello Shwetha, and welcome!"View
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    Natfree - "Due to the evolution of the covid19 pandemic, some countries have put in place restrictions that prevent some participants to the newt 2021 on July 17-24 from attending. At this time there are still a few places […]"View
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    Kees - "@dean , Hoe is het nu met jou?"View
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    Naktiv Admins - "@seethas51186 Post a profile photo without the face blanked out, or it will be removed. Please do not post the blank face photo again. Thank you."View
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    Homo Nudus - "Just found this network, and hope to meet some like-minded folk. Do say hi – esp if you are from the UK as well."View
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    Hector - "@humbertomedina02111990gmail-com Hola! Muchas gracias por tu solicitud de amistad. Y muy lindas fotos!"View
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    Roger Smith - "Out swimming again in my favourite costume again but I must remember not to take it off in case I get arrested for exposing my skeleton"View
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    Alex - "@atir55 Hy, schöne Fotos! Wo gehst du nacktwandern? FKK-Gebiete oder wild in der Natur?"View
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    Richard Alexander Collins - "Hi to all my friends and fellow naturists here. And if you don’t know me, I’ve been a pro-active naturist for over 40 years and ardent supporter of Stephen Gough – and his media contact – since his first naked […]"View
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    Roger Ritter - "It looks better on a sunny day with lots of people. I’m sure you can’t wait for summer to return!"View
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    James - "New to the group here. Would like to make some friends."View
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    Okanagan - "@profile-9229 I would love to spend a few days in Vera. I would surely enjoy a completely naturist holiday. I will look a little how I have the holidays to organize a week and ask to reserve at your establishment."View
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    Senvestulo - "I’ve wanted to see a map of naturist places for a while. I’ve consulted several naturist websites, and put out a “Google MyMap” with this info. This is early, in software terms it’s an alpha release. Please le […]"View
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    Lungo - "I see exactly what kind of cactus it is ….. I’ve done the same mistake…"View
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    NAKED JOHNNY - "@profile-8355 – Hi Nudist Bro Art – Thanjs for your acceptance of our Nudist friendship – Keep in touch my email is in my profile. Naked Johnny"View
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