This is from Wikipedia interesting 🧐 – As Nudist I’m certain it will be an interesting read. Lifelong Nudist myself – Anything to do with Nudism I dig to read. But being outdoors completely Naked is the Best of all. Read this then completely Naked outdoors! Voila !!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_nudity


I’ve decided to show some respect to a 300-year-old Bohemian composer and play his concerto PROPERLY. That means daily practice and for lazy me, that’s a tall order indeed.


Morning all, another visual from my new life modelling website www.ciaranlife.com lots of cool stuff on there, I am updating this all the time now that all the art colleges I work for are closed due to corona 🙂

Free Beer & Pamela Anderson!! :) :)

Awfully sorry peeps but this posting has nothing to do with alcohol or the luscious Pammy 🙂 But now that I have your attention I’ve got a new life modelling website with lots of interesting solo and group art / photographic poses I have done 🙂 Plus an interesting narrative I have written about freedom … Read more

someone like comics?

    A comic about nudists? Well… yeah! ‘Cos nudists have adventures too, y’know. Loxie and Zoot just wanna have fun in the sun… au naturel of course… but not if their arch foe Tex Tyler and various other prudes have any say in it. http://loxieandzoot.comicgenesis.com/ Have a nice day!

We are all humans

What I see here is a human being. A body, beauty in one of it’s most natural forms. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It has evolved itself over thousands, if not millions of years. Some of us decide to alter our bodies to fit our mental image of ourselves (transgenders), some of … Read more

Naked European Walking Tour 2012 – Sunday

Sunday July 01. It was sunny and hot when, post-breakfast, we decided to take a short tour near the hut. We left the hut naked and headed down into the valley, past the T-bar ski-lift station below us, before squelching across the mossy ground to the base of the woods on the hillside ahead. Zig-zagging … Read more

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