Free Beer & Pamela Anderson!! :) :)

Awfully sorry peeps but this posting has nothing to do with alcohol or the luscious Pammy 🙂 But now that I have your attention I’ve got a new life modelling website with lots of interesting solo and group art / photographic poses I have done 🙂 Plus an interesting narrative I have written about freedom of expression 🙂 Even if none of that interests you, please open my website and leave it open in a tab on your browser indefinitely, both actions will improve my google rankings and increase traffic to my website, many thanks in advance and mind how you go now 🙂 🙂

7 thoughts on “Free Beer & Pamela Anderson!! :) :)”

  1. Hi Tom the artmodel page was a naktiv group – as this is now a blogging platform the groups feature must have been disabled. Looks like you are a life model also – nothing stopping either of us posting some of our artwork as a blog of course 🙂

    • Just for me and anyone who wants to pose with me 🙂 I’ve found a nice lady locally who is interested in life posing as a couple, so hopefully will have some good artwork to show of that 🙂

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