I don’t want to believe

This morning at 7 a.m., leaving for my usual tour, I read a notice that even the children’s playground was closed. I don’t know if the situation is *really* serious or if it’s getting worse under any pretext. The only defensive weapon I have is to ignore the news, don’t scare by myself, don’t feel like I’m under house arrest, don’t feel like I’m in a pressure cooker.

Spring is going on, nature is getting more and more beautiful, my eyes shine for admiration.
The scaremongering about the new pandemic and the indecent media campaign only makes me suspect that something else is working, that the flu and the government alone would not be able to bring a nation to its knees. And the more negative the news is, the more pessimists seem happy because they agree with each other. Now, I think only virologists know life, death and miracles of this virus. But for us, it’s something very hazy and ultimately unclear. In order to trigger an active reaction from us, we need a springboard: to believe it, to believe what we are told, to believe that it is all true because otherwise schools, churches, shops, factories would not be closed. It’s like with UFOs and extraterrestrials: someone believes it, someone else doesn’t. Those who believe accumulate evidence of their existence; those who don’t even believe this “evidence”. The slogan of those who believe is “I want to believe”. And I think it is this “will to believe” that has called them to existence. They represent an alternative to the picture in which they live, an escape route, a secret weapon of survival: “take me!”

The coverage of the news is itself alarming, rather than its content. And suspicious as I am, (as far as I know, and I can check the virus could be actually in the masks) I think they are covering up some unclear manoeuvres, that will change the situation of Italy and the Italians. I too have created a slogan for myself: if I am to be a sheep, I want to be black.

πŸ™‚ the streets are so empty that you could walk around naked πŸ™‚



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  1. It is staggering that the media can pick on a subject and present a whole days viewing on the subject and then still find material to do a special news item on the same thing. Previously it was Brexit and now the virus. We get a smattering of “other news”, but for the time being I haven’t heard about wars and killing and terrorism. Maybe, despite all our differences, this is a common enemy that can unite people.

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