Friends Requests ‘re apply please’

I have noticed that since my brief absence due to computer breakdown, I have returned with an old (early) account that I opened quite a long time ago. It seems that because of this I have not got any of the ‘Friends’ that were with me previously. I cannot find how to re-instate my list of friends so it seems I will need to start again. So, if you were on my friends list before January 2020 will you please consider putting another ‘Friends Request’ to me so that I can rebuild my contacts with you all again.  I apologise if I have not contacted anyone since the beginning of 2020, if I was expected to do so. I don’t mind who sends friends requests, as a senior naturist and a member of this place for a very long time, I really enjoy making regular contact with true naturist friends.  Thank You All.

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  1. All my previous friendships were intact when the site came back on. You can click on a profile name and just under the picture is the “add friend” request. (normally this is one for the support page, but I cannot find that yet 🙂 )

  2. I really did enjoy comments from ‘friends’ here and it soon felt as if there was a connection more than simply naturism/nudism. Having a small part in the lives & episodes of ‘friends’ made us feel involved and alive !
    So we would be extremely happy if the system of ‘acquiring’ friends on here, or even accepting requests from others. I can add blogs, I can read blogs, I can look for comments to my blogs. But…. ! “Where are my friends ?”

    • I’m also having similar difficulties. I can find an “Add Friend” button on user profiles, and have tried that with you, SPI, just now. Let me know if the request is successful.

      There are some users whose profile I can’t seem to find, although I seem able to exchange blog messages with. That may be a function of their profile settings, perhaps.

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