A Visit Of Electric Importance

We welcome visitors to our home, as many of you on here will know. From carers, neighbours to friends & utility callers, enquiring people who genuinely were curious about our lifestyle choices.  It has frequently caused ‘amusement’ when a look of ‘shock’ passes over someone when they realise that two ‘old’ people just live naked. Even when their many questions of curious intrigue  are answered there’s still only around 75% acceptance of what they actually see & what they believe, so when younger members of our family arrive during one of these ‘curiosity‘ sessions and just behave in ordinary ways to do whatever they choose, the visitors look astounded.  One young man from our electricity suppliers sat drinking coffee to calm his nerves after realising we were staying nude throughout his visit, he had completed his task and was about to leave when Lisa arrived. She introduced herself as our niece and then put things away into our food cupboard & refrigerator, the man seemed to pause and ‘rechecked’ his worksheet. I told him that Lisa was a naturist too we could almost see him drooling !  Lisa took our clean laundry into our bedroom as the man seemed hesitant to leave, my wife went to talk with Lisa about our laundry and asked her to not stay in the bedroom whilst our visitor was here. My wife came back to the lounge and said to our visitor that Lisa may need to arrange to have her home checked. Within two or three minutes Lisa returned and she was naked! The man was speechless and obviously had problems moving his eyes away from Lisa’s ample breasts.

After the realisation of what he was doing actually hit him the man made a ‘bumbling‘ effort  to leave our home, he almost collided with the doorframe, he fumbled to close his briefcase, his eyes darted from me to my wife, then to Lisa as she guided him to the front door. He left hurriedly without even taking Lisa’s address.  We realised soon afterwards that perhaps we had been unkind to him, Lisa ought to have been more careful and not rushed to undress, even though it was ‘normal’ for her.  She took the business card that he had left with us so that she could phone him later. Apart from arranging for him to check her house, she needed to apologise and assure him she would stay fully clothed when he was at her home.   I think that he would accept her call with manners & business like behaviour, but also maybe with a deep sigh when she said she wouldn’t be naked again.


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