When other see me naked

On the subject «if you dare they don’t care».
Towards the end of November it rained a lot, the path was filled with water. The strange fact, together with the particular incidence of light and the colour of the autumn leaves created a vision of a certain suggestion. I set my tripod and undress for my usual selfie. Going for the pose, I see a young woman arrive; I continued quietly with my photo. As soon as she saw me she stopped, I think 1) because she didn’t have the boots to continue in the puddle, 2) so as not to disturb the photo and 3) to see what was going on with that man walking naked along a flooded path. After taking the photo I got dressed and slowly the young woman went back on her footsteps. The path makes a wide circle: I met the young woman again, she recognized me, and we exchanged a smile of complicity.

3 thoughts on “When other see me naked”

  1. Nice one. Having walked local woods a number of times I’ve personally decided to avoid them as it’s quite difficult to have advanced warning of anyone coming…. unlike in the open. Just my personal preference now to avoid woods / forests.

  2. Good story Vittorio. This reminded me of a walk I did a few years ago, in some local forest. A small creek runs across the walk path almost at the beginning of the walk. I had set my camera up on a tripod, as you had done, stripped off and looked around for where I could get a good shot. As I set up, the camera button pressed for time lapse exposure, along the walk track came a gentleman with his two dogs. Well, too far from the camera and my clothes to cover quickly, so it was a gentlemanly greeting between us, one of the dogs came to me for a greeting as well, then they moved on. I got my shot, packed and continued my walk, my clothes hanging from my small backpack.

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