Body-mind nakedness

Body nakedness is a way to mind nakedness and vice versa. All the inner thin wibes we feel in our body when we are naked shake our thoughts. And even more, we can reach a state/place of thoughtlessness without fear, without shame: free from fear (law, society, neighbours…); free from shame (moral/social scheme, duties, slavery…).

Our mind – naked from social habits (from Latin hăbĭtŭs ‘style of dress’) – looks at the world (especially the natural world) in a way without convictions (again from Latin con + vinciō ‘fasten with bonds’), without previous opinions, bias, standardized thoughts, even scientific knowledge and patterns, but more direct, more close to the nature, so that we can see the wild world neither so strange nor so far from us. Normally we live in the ephemeral world of technology: machines are the way we move in the world… today: tomorrow we’ll have new ones, more sophisticated and farther from nature. Machines have their time; our sense of time is also changed, according to our machines: we live faster, getting the sense not have lived enough, year after year. Time in nature has no human measure nor rhythm, no goal to reach, nothing to achieve: time is a peaceful flow, a pacific stream. That’s my idea of body/mind nakedness.

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