Winter Life in Olon, Ecuador

Well, it has been a while and I am not sure how I can add to the activity feed or connect with friends in this new version of Naktiv Net. I guess this is something that I will figure out in time [or not] in hopes of connecting with others here. We arrived in Olon on January 6th and will be here for 90 days. Ecuador is a stickler for counting the days. The place is warm, obviously as we are very near the equator here. For three months I won’t have to worry about windchill or snowstorms. The biggest threat is running out of sunscreen. Ecuador is not a naturist friendly place. Nudity is best kept behind doors and in more remote settings where passing traffic doesn’t risk one’s exposure. On the plus side, living is cheap – very reasonable. If any members here are in the area, I wouldn’t mind the possibility of meeting with you.

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  1. Per Wikipedia there is one: Ecuador
    Súa, a nude beach located about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) south of Atacames and about 35 kilometres (22 mi) southwest of Esmeraldas.[13]

    Also, I found this reference:
    Manabi, Ecuador: There are no nude beaches in Ecuador officially, but if you plan a visit there’s a place you should include on your bucket list. South of the famous surf spot of Montañita you’ll find Manabi, a secluded beach where no one will bother you if you decide to enjoy a no clothes time. So, use your common sense and if you see there won´t be any trouble, just chill and get naked.

    Perhaps you can do some exploring and report back on what you discover.


  2. It looks like messaging friends is not a feature that is currently available. Hopefully that will be reinstated before too long. My speculation is that the old Naktiv had some issues that were getting out of hand, so the admin decided to take a new direction with a clean slate.

    It appears that blog posts are viewable by the public (unless marked private) which means they will be picked up by search engines to carry Naktiv’s positive message to the world.

  3. So, how do I message friends here? I just realised that the only way to post to the home page is via blog or event. I don’t see the sharing link mentioned in the Naktiv Admins post. Perhaps it is due to my age, now 70. Perhaps not. Seriously, is there a “how to” for this new version, Richard?

    • Hey Robert, no, I’m like you and realize the only way to post is via blog and event. The activity textbox is definitely lacking… But hey, at least we have the site back and we can start exchanging. Let’s provide feedback to Richard who will act (or not ;-)) upon it. Have a great stay in Ecuador!

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