Easter Moon

Easter full Moon
Yesterday morning I went out because I wanted to take pictures of the Easter Moon before the sunlight made it fade. The Civil Defence had left me a mask in my mailbox. It was the first time I’d ever used it. It’s mandatory in supermarkets, and everywhere. When I saw the photograph, a thousand thoughts about “identity” came to mind. The mask – as far as it hides the face – hides at first our social image. The perception of our identity is behind the mask. I noticed then that my identity as a whole is not distinguishable from my identity as a whole body. Seeing myself naked with the mask, I recognized myself; the off the rack clothes would make me anonymous. Finally, I came to the conclusion that clothes deny our body identity – even to ourselves. We have a long tradition of defamation of the body, which has led us to distinguish too much the visible face from the rest of the covered body, standardized by fashion uniforms. I can only thank nudism for “reattaching my head to my body”.
“Got no human grace your eyes without a face” (Billy Idol)


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  1. You make a good point. Clothes mask the body, so we rely almost entirely on the face to recognise one another, so only a facemask is needed to complete the deception, should we wish to. That makes it surprising then, that our surveillance-obsessed governments are willing to advise us to wear masks at all…

    • I think that they are more concerned about continuing and confirming the deception, i.e. the mastodontic crown-virus puffery. This allows them to work in their “cabinets” to the real economic-social virus that will come later, that they will make us swallow like a bitter pill, as now we swallowed the story of the virus. We will not cease to be the cheerful people of all time, who we know how to contain the prescriptions from above in the right measure of common sense. I think it is not the man who measures all things, but nature. It is true, however, that we have tried to bend nature to our goals. The prohibition of nudity is one of the many knots of social hypocrisy. I wonder how they made us buy all that. Eyes open.

    • The leaders of our countries & of the world totally are out of sequence with the real workers & the impoverished. They think that by giving a little extra cash their problems will be solved, temporarily. They never see the real hardship or degradation of poverty, they wear a mask of decadence & their own kind of isolation.

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