4 reasons why naturism is necessary to humanity and our future

Originaly posted on my blog Nude and Happy Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment. The official definition of naturism, adopted by many naturist federations, is simple and eloquent in these times … Read more4 reasons why naturism is necessary to humanity and our future

When nudity becomes the new normal

Originially posted on my blog nuetheureux.wordpress.com

The day you join a nudist resort, club or beach, you enter a new world of freedom and respect. However, there's something you may not know yet: nudity is about to become your new normal. Let me

Memories from the NEWT 2016

Translated from the article written by Jacques-Marie Francillon, published in Naturisme Magazine

The NEWT (Naked European Walking Tour) is an initiative from Richard Foley, un English man living in Munich, Germany. Richard is the author of the books Acti

Why nakedness feels just right…

As many naturists, as soon as the temperature increases and the sun shines, I feel the urgency to get naked and wander around in my birthday suit. This morning, although the temperature outside was just below 15 degrees celsius, it was warm inside, got my

Naturism and mindfulness

Mindfulness is all over the place these days. For anybody interested in self development, mindfulness is almost a must. As Wikipedia defines it: « Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external

Why getting naked in front of others?

Okay, tons have been written about naturism, why it's so relaxing and its numerous and various benefits. However, as I was walking on one of the many tracks of the beautiful nature and naked retreat of SunEden, in South Africa, and I saw a naked coup

A naturist dream…

After a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast and a welcoming shower, I was ready to commute to the office. I grabbed my laptop bag, kissed my wife, got my shoes on and headed for the bus station. The temperature was in the twenties and the sky lightly cl

My 5 nudist resolutions for 2016

Yes, I know, beyond January, new year’s resolutions are generally forgotten. However, I found a simple way to make them all true, and it boils down to 3 things: make them realistic, have them handy in your diary (paper or electronic) and share them

Why not to be a nudist

What are the reasons that lead a person to not embrace naturism if the latter was offered him? This is the question I asked myself. Having partially gone around the classic question why to be a nudist, or what drives people to being naked socially, I thin

10 reasons to be naked socially

You can be a nudist alone in your home or you can become a social nudist who is nude with others, nude or not. Social nudity is shared by millions of nudists worldwide, whether at home with friends, on a beach, in a nudist resort or camping, in nature whi

10 good reasons to hike naked

Hiking is a great way to stay fit and enjoy nature. Whether you hike in the countryside, in the mountains or on the seaside, you come to appreciate the sceneries you cross at a slow pace. If you find a great place, you can stop and enjoy the view. But for

10 reasons why I am a nudist

As we progress through life we meet other nudists and of course non nudists. I do not know for you, but I have been sharing openly with more and more people that I am a nudist and I am spending a lot of time nude. I am intentional about this because I wan

10 Ways To Become Comfortable With Nudity

A lot of us, nudists, have started nudism naturally, as something we wanted to do. We feel comfortable naked. But it’s not the case of all our friends and family. So how do you help people get comfortable with their body and being able to be sociall