The 3 states of nudity – On becoming a nudist

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As I am more often than not entirely naked at home, nudity has become a natural state, up to a point that I do not think about it. However, while hiking naked in the forest a while back, I came to think about my journey to nudism and without going into too deep a reflection on nudism, I came to realize there are 3 states of nudity that you encounter on your journey of becoming a nudist. Let's go through them together, as it may enlighten you if you are not a nudist yet, and make you realize that becoming one is nothing special than just embracing nudity for what it is: a natural state!

Home Nudist

You become a home nudist when you can walk around your house entirely naked. At the beginning, you just walk from your bathroom to your bedroom, eventually grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen. Then, you will carry some activities, like cooking, vacuuming or watching TV. You may even go out in the garden, if you have one.

However, during all those activities, you realize you are naked. You may still feel some shame: "what if somebody was seeing me?" you may ask yourself. You are on the first state of nudity: you realize you are naked! Don't get me wrong here, being naked feels good at that stage, you just realize you are naked, that's just it. Nothing wrong or right about being naked, it's just a conscious state.

Beach Nudist

For most people, the first encounter with social nudity is at the clothing-optional beach. You hesitate the first time you get naked on the beach. You feel everybody will look at you. Sometimes, you may even not get entirely naked or wrap a towel around your waist. "Who knows what can happen while I'm naked? "you may ask yourself (particularly if you are a man and think about a potential erection).

However, quickly, you will realize everybody is naked around you. Nobody watches you, everybody carries their activities entirely naked with no shame and no questions. You are entering the second state of nudity: you realize others are naked too! Once again, nothing wrong or right here. You are not judging others as others are not judging you, you are naked and feel good, and others are naked and feels good. However, you are still in a conscious state of nudity.

Resort Nudist

Then, one day, you go to a clothing-optional or nudist resort. You feel anxious and excited at the same time, feel some tension while registering, but are greeted with a smile and made comfortable. After having settled down, you get naked, wrap a towel around your waist and go to the swimming pool. It's likely you will meet other nudists in the pool and potentially being pulled into a volley ball game or a walk around the premises, or any other activities done entirely naked with your new friends.

Before you realize what is happening, you will have spent a very good time, chatting, walking, playing, with people entirely naked, like yourselves. You are entering the third state of nudity: you do not think about being naked, you just feel good! You are now in an unconscious state of nudity, you feel good and do not think about being naked. When you meet others, you do not think of them being naked, they are just human beings, you do not think about them as naked persons, but as persons.

In the third state of nudity, you do not realize you are naked, you are just like you are and it feels comfortable. This is up to a point that, if you're home and somebody rings the doorbell, you may open the door naked, or you want to fetch mail and you go to your letter box entirely naked, with potentially all neighbors being able to see you. And this is where, some nudists, like myself, are frustrated by laws that forbid us to be naked when and where we want, not because we are exhibitionists, just because nudity is a normal and natural state for us.

This is the state I am in almost every time I am naked, should it be at home, at the beach, at a nudist resort or on a hiking trail, or like now, while typing this post on my computer. While I cannot explain why nudity feels so good, I embraced nudism years ago now and it just feels great to me. So, get naked, stay naked, live naked, and share the naked love with friends and family. Nude is not lewd, it's awesome!

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  1. I never think of myself as 'naked'. I don't think about it at all. When we are in our own home we do as we want to. Yes I answer the door naked, yes people come into our home and I am naked, but not because I am an exhibitionist or 'pervert' but simply because that's just the way I am. Most times the people who come just carry on speaking & behaving quite normally, the fact that we/I have no clothes on is quite 'normal' and not even mentioned. Just once about 2 years ago a female neighbour saw a small cut on my leg just under my left buttock, she asked how I had done it, then laughed and remarked that she hadn't even realised she could see that much of me! 🙂

  2. Interesting, thought provoking blog, I can see how the stages could explain differences in opinion and attitude between folks who like to be nude and the elephant in the room of sex. If you are at stage one, perhaps the nudity is more assocoated with being a bit naughty… once you mature to stage 3 you are simply getting on wih normal life, albeit nude. I dunno about anyone else, but I dont think about sex all the time in my textile life and the same applies in my nude life, but I have been at stage 3 for many years.

  3. MarcNude: I have been dismayed at the relative lack of scholarly studies on "textile toxicity" on folks. I agree with you; there ought to have been some study done sometime in the past 40 years, but I sure as hell can't find one.
    Given the reported positive effects of nudism that nearly everybody testifies to, I would think that there would be a good number of studies.
    I guess I'll have to find and bribe some desperate grad student somewhere!
    With all the "naked" stuff on TeeVee now, it might be a good time to strike while the iron is hot.

  4. Very well written blog. I have still have a way to go as I'm still a home nudist. Never been to a beach or resort. I would love to go to a resort, but that won't happen as my wife is against it. So I will have to remain happy as a home nudist for a long time still to come, maybe sometime in the future . . . Who knows?

  5. as I don't have very much opportunity to be naked during the day I am definitely still in stage 2. When the opportunity does arise like it did today I savour every moment of it and there is no chance of me forgetting.

  6. I read on a 'site written by T. Lobsang Rampa (a Buddhist scholar) his opinion that clothing is disturbing to our bio-energetic field or aura and that clothing saps our energy, especially polyester fabrics. Perhaps that's why being nude feels so good-our energy fields are being allowed to return or stay in their natural vibration state.
    From my experience, I think Rampa might be on to something.

    • Dennis, I read a couple of articles of the negative effects of clothing too. I think it deserves some research. I feel artificial fabrics are bad for health, but this could be true for artificial dye on plain natural cotton or wool too. Science proves a lot of stuff we eat, breathe or put on our akin is harmful, clothes could be too, that's where we need to be nude as much as we can.

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