Holiday Dare

We just had a few days break in Great Yarmouth. The hotel was actually just a basic bed & breakfast place, the actual building was in drastic/urgent need of total renovation. The staff though were wonderful, very professional & so friendly. I sat chatting to one waitress who lived in at the hotel. During our chat I told her that I was a naturist and I preferred to be naked most of the time. She revealed that it was a dream of hers to actually be brave enough to do her own house cleaning nude. Out of the blue I found myself (my wife was there with me) saying, "Well you can come and clean our room naked if you want to?" There was a silence for a few seconds, then suddenly she said "Yes, ok let's go right now!" In less than 5 minutes all three of us were in our room. The waitress watched as we both stripped, her face went bright red and we could see her actually trembling with nervous fear.
It was then she suddenly began to undress, she got out of her blouse and bra quite easily, then she unbuttoned her skirt and it fell to the floor. She laughed nervously and said she apologised for her "Granny-Pants". Then she was shaking so visibly I was about to tell her to stop if she was so frightened. Then in a frantic rush and almost so fast she nearly fell over, she pushed down her knickers & tights.
She was so unnerved as she stood there nude, my wife just said, "Go to our bathroom and get dressed again at your own pace, that's been an achievement for you, don't push yourself too much. Five minutes later she dashed from our room fully dressed and quite nervous still. We saw her a couple of days later and she was much happier, she said she was going to do her own housework naked at the weekend, she said her husband was initially furious that she had got naked in our hotel room, but agreed that it was her choice and the nude housework was going to be his pleasure also!

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