Better or Worse (two)

Living in a 'clothes-free' home was about as natural as it can be, there was no pressure at all to put clothes on or to take them off. It was usually more comfortable to get rid of outdoor clothes once indoors! depending on the levels of heating

Better or Worse (one)

I have realised for many years how much love, happiness and kindness has come my way, maybe its fortunate that a majority of life events happen by chance. We can pre plan some things, we can take advantages when we spot a 'lucky-break'. I maybe

Grumpy Old Man

In the past 2 or 3 weeks I have had more & more days of constant pain. I have a daily dose of 17 tablets plus a morphine patch. Thankfully I have an excellent support system set up, thankfully I am also blessed with a wife that II love beyond worthy d

Dizzy & Sick

This short story is about my niece Lisa & a recent incident of her son being 'laughed at'. Lisa is now with heer new male partner, he has adopted a naturist lifestyle too, having known Lisa for 5 years.
One morning a month ago Lisa fell and

All White. . . No More

I felt a mixture of anger and sorrow. Why was all of this happening at such a lovely calm time of my life?
I decided to go to the woodland clearing to lay on the hammock, a peaceful oasis, a place where I could 're-balance' my thoughts and maybe

All White . .NOT!

Although the club grounds covered 26 acres and consisted of mainly natural woodlands with some small clearings, it began to be almost impossible to avoid Angela. One Wednesday afternoon I got myself stretched out on the lawned area of a seemingly disserte

All White. . .Always?

In the course of a few months it seemed to become almost impossible to avoid Angela. She joined the club that was a member of. I sat one afternoon chatting to a married couple who had just introduced their 16 year old daughter to the club. They were expla

All White again?

Sitting in the 'cooling area' with only the immaculate 'white woman' I felt strangely uncomfortable while she was completely relaxed? I couldn't figure why (with a lifetime of nakedness behind me) this quiet beautiful woman had un