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Story Continued::!

I arrived at Kerry’s house feeling really unsure about things, I had never lived anywhere but home before. I had always been so comfortable in the family home with people I knew, people I had grown & matured with. Being without clothes on was a natural part of daily life and it was never really an issue within my family. Now I was about to enter somebody’s home and hopefully make it my home for a full college year. The added difficulty for me was the two females I would be sharing the house with, I didn’t know them at all, I didn’t know how things could work out with my inbuilt natural need to be naked at home always!

When I opened the door and went into the lounge I was greeted by a tall slim blonde girl, she was very attractive & neatly dressed in pleated skirt & loose silk shirt style top. She said “Hello Patrick, I’m Kerry and this is my house, I know we spoke on the phone so come on in, put your bag down and sit down a while.” I detected a broad Irish tone in her voice, soft and calm. We sat on comfortable chairs and we talked… and talked, it seemed so easy to chat along with Kerry. We discussed the layout of the house and how it could work for 3 of us, the other person would be Kim who had already arrived and was ‘resting’ after a six hour journey here. When we talked we inevitably got onto the fact that I am a naturist & I very much prefer to be naked as much as possible, certainly at home. Kerry was so understanding and casual to chat with, she smiled a lot and she said, “Don’t worry Patrick I have already had a chat with Kim, we are both fine with you being without your clothes but in this lounge please wear shorts. We both like to relax here and we might bring college friends back here some days. Anywhere else at all you can be naked, be careful in the kitchen please. We all share the tv room at the other side of the main hallway and you can be nude there too, we won’t be having college friends in there.

I felt much more relaxed after chatting with Kerry, she said she often lounged around with only her dressing gown on after her shower, she said she had previously worried about sharing with a man in the house, but now she felt easier, having a naked man around would make ‘casual time’ feel ‘Very Casual indeed!’     Maybe you would like to hear more about my college year with Kerry & Kim ?  Maybe I could write more?

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