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I enjoyed having a shower after my evening meal having spent much of the day in college & not truly ‘into’ the whole thing yet. Just washing off the days drab events made a whole world of difference. I decided to spend my evening naked & downstairs in the lounge, not really knowing if Kerry or Kim would be around. I went to the television to find out what was on when I suddenly realised Kerry was in the adjoining kitchen, I took a deep breath and walked through, she was at the back door looking out into a calm warm evening & wearing a dressing gown and little else! As she turned to see me she paused, she slowly smiled, then she said “Well Patrick you certainly look relaxed, very relaxed so you’re feeling comfortable here?”. I replied without hesitation “Yes of course, I wondered if there was anything on the television or maybe just someone to chat with?. I moved to pull out a chair at the table when Kerry suggested we go back to the lounge as she tightly fastened her gown. I sat on an armchair having draped my towel on the seat, Kerry sat on the sofa opposite me and smiled “I see you use a towel, just like a true naturist, nothing from your rear marking the chair.” she laughed. I watched how very carefully but with certainty she covered he knees as she sat down. “Is it usual for you to wear just the dressing gown in the evening or did you just shower too?” she hesitated.. “I shower every evening and then decide what to do, sometimes if I feel really exhausted I go lay on the bed until I fall asleep, yes I do sleep naked but that’s for my eyes alone!”

These evenings of chatter and banter would prove to be a very regular occurrence. Kim joined in on many nights fully dressed, Kerry wore the gown on most evenings, sometimes she was fully clothed. Towards the end of that year she did open her gown to prove she was naked underneath just once, that was a very memorable evening and even Kim looked open mouthed & amazed.

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