Progress, Part 6

Seems like progress is slow… my wife, son and I recently went hiking over a holiday weekend…she’d hadn’t brought a swimsuit and as we hiked 2 hrs along a river, at the end point, we all skinny-dipped before hiking back.  Near the trailhead is a town famous for its hot springs. We booked a soak, and she went topless in the tub, which has one side open to the river.  She is gradually getting used to our son seeing her topless or nude outside of the bathroom or bedroom, i.e other than for activities such as dressing or bathing.  We bought a television and I watch naturism and outdoors shows.  I’m hoping she will watch them on her own; it will have more effect I think if it’s her idea.  Some great Non-sexual naturism shows, as well as resort adverts, and even a few naturist family video blogs, as well as the expected skinny-dippers amongst outdoors enthusiasts.  My son had no reluctance to skinny dip in the river or hot tub.  My wife enjoyed the tub, though it is a few hours drive. I reminded her that I have free access to a tub at some older naturist’s friends’ home nearby, available anytime.  I’m hoping she will join me there this year. It’s difficult to make significant progress with my work taking so much extra family time. I need to schedule a long vacation soon.

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