My Very First Nactiv Blog Post!

A few years back, I wrote this article about my first “formal” nudist experience.  (It’s not like I wore a Chippendale black tie or anything, but prior to the day described in the article, it had only been occasional skinny-dipping experiences!)  It seems like an appropriate opening for my sojourn here on the Nactive site.



FREEDOM!! (from clothes, at least!)

When I was a really little kid, we used to play naked in the backyard wading pool. Then, when we got into school, Mom said that being naked is bad. After that, we had to wear our swimming suits in the pool. Fast forward to a few years later and we are now allowed to play in the woods near our house. On hot summer days, the frog pond would be calling our names, but who wanted to walk all the way home for a swimming suit? Off came the clothes and into the water we went. Of course, when we were done swimming, we had no towels. So we played naked until we were dry, or until we felt like getting dressed again. High school and college had skinny-dipping at parties and on days at the lake. Then I grew up and all that fun ended! Sure, my wife and I had our occasional nude outdoor adventures while camping or just on the back porch. And we oftentimes simply didn’t wear any clothes around the house, but it just wasn’t the same! It wasn’t that wonderful feeling of freedom that comes from being in the altogether in the great outdoors!

In an effort to find a way to recapture that sense of freedom, I recently started looking into Naturist/Nudist resorts in our area. I was pleasantly surprised to find three within a 90 minute drive of my home. They all list themselves as “family oriented” naturist resorts, so overt sexual behaviour is prohibited. Since I am mainly interested in simply spending time naked, this is not a problem.

I checked out the closest of the three a few days ago. The resort website says that visitors are welcome and that there is a per day “grounds fee” that non-members pay to enjoy the facility. When I called to arrange for a visit, they said that Monday – Friday, unaccompanied males could just come on out, but on the weekends, it was good to call ahead. If the male/female ratio got too out of whack, they would limit the number of males allowed on the grounds. Apparently, more men than women want to be nudists!

So I picked a weekday that the weatherman predicted to be hot and sunny, then arranged my schedule such that business took me to the area of the club and provided about 3hrs of available time. The day came, I headed out and when I saw the red potbellied stove by the street, I turned in. At the gate, I pushed the call button and said, “This is Jaybird (It appears that nudists generally use first names only!) and I’m here for a tour and an afternoon in the sun.

From the parking lot, I could see the open cabana type of resort office. The woman running the place was of course naked. (Wouldn’t you love to be the UPS guy that had that route?) We exchanged some pleasantries and then she asked me if I was going to get naked. When I told her that was my plan, she told me to go do it, then come back to the office and she’d give me the tour. I asked her if there were lockers for clothes and such. She just chuckled and said that most folk simply undressed in the parking lot when they arrived.

Naked except for a towel and water bottle in my hands and sandals on my feet, I got back to the offfice and we started on the tour. My guide was an interesting person. She has been a nudist for over 40 years, and looked just like the grandmother of 4 and great grandmother of 7 would be expected to look, minus the clothes. You could see the story of her life written in her body and with all its lumps, bumps and scars, she wore that story with pride. By the end of the afternoon, I could see that this was commonplace amongst the people that I met at the resort. There were few beauty queens or hunks here, just ordinary people that happen to be naked. So, on with the tour: She showed me the area for RV’s, the volleyball court, the clubhouse, the sunning lawn, the pool and all the other stuff. Then she told me to have a great afternoon and enjoy the resort. Suddenly I was naked and on my own!

It was a beautiful, hot September day, so I wandered through the rest of the resort, just to see what there was to see, then I took to the hiking trails and wandered through the woods. It was cooler there, so I sat on one of the convenient benches and just relaxed and enjoyed my surroundings. After awhile I grabbed a book and headed to one of the gazebos to sit and read. I could see people moving around the place, busy with whatever tasks they had to accomplish or just sitting in the sun or relaxing in the pool. After awhile I headed for the pool, swam for awhile, then prepared to return to the “real” world.

After being unencumbered by clothing for several hours, I couldn’t believe how coarse and constricting my clothes felt when I finally got dressed. My first day at a naturist resort was a wonderful experience and I plan to return again very soon!


I hope you enjoyed my story.

Until next time, I’m as naked as a. . .


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