A work progressing (Part 4)

Recently had a change in travel plans, and enjoyed a brief trip to Andaluca, Spain with my family. The beaches were warm and beautiful, as was the sightseeing. Food was fresh and overall good (usually last minute choices rather than upscale dining) and

A Nudism Petition (draft)

NOTE: A friend requested this. Please feel free to copy, borrow, or suggest changes. Modify it to suit your purposes.

Please do not attribute it to me or the Naktiv site; I have personal reasons for maintaining limited privacy and do not wish to invite unfriend

Unhappy surprise

A short time ago I had an unpleasant encounter while hiking nude. It was in a secluded area of forest where I believe nudity is technically legal, and where I had hiked before without running into anyone, once I left the main trail.

This night I was r

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