A Naked Work in Progress (Part 1)

Each person acts based on a variety of factors; we are creatures of habit, enjoying the ease of routine and the relative safety of previous outcomes. We also like change, to break up the monotony of the too familiar. In approaching a new activity, we weigh likely outcomes (risk vs reward) based on past most comparable experience or the perspective of others' related experience. Some people are more spontaneous and others more calculated, but spontaneity can be a result of rapid logical decision making(I.e. seeing an opportunity and seizing the moment). Emotions driven by circumstance however can dramatically change the probability of engaging in an activity.

Some suggest that women are more emotional than men. I am not so sure. I know incredibly gifted women who utilize logic to solve highly complex challenges on a routine basis. I know men who are very spontaneous and live in the moment, reacting emotionally to external and internal stimuli. I often do the latter myself, and I attribute that more to my artistic temperament than to my gender.

When we act on how we feel and refuse to consider (listen to/read) carefully constructed logical rationale for changing our behavior, we can be said to be acting more emotionally. Compared to a sibling, spouse, etc we can be said to have an emotional nature more so than a methodical one.

Hence, the relationship dynamic with my wife… 😉

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