A Naked Work in Progress (Part Two)

In Part One I discussed various drivers of human behavior (not a complete list for sure!).

My wife is highly intelligent, hard working and accomplished. Having overcome numerous obstacles to get where she is today is proof of her tenacity and intelligence. What she is not (yet) is a nudist.

We all know the stigma which textiled society puts on nudism, and we can all relate to textiles who succumb to social pressure and internalize societal values. My wife is no exception, yet in the past three years she has made progress on the issue.

She has told me that she will never be a nudist, and is only nude in private, and refusing to read or listen to pro nudist arguments. I have found then, that to motivate her to try nudist activity, I must appeal to her emotional side.

While in California, she accompanied me on hikes and visits to beaches where I had researched were either secluded or c/o activity was somewhat tolerated(see CA law/Cahill policy for details). Certain parts of CA are more tolerant than others; ours less so than SF Bay area or Black's beach near San Diego.

There I could convince her to strip for photographs (for only personal use) but usually not for long as she would quickly cover when others approached at a distance. She also accompanied me on a day trip to a nudist campground once (after much coaxing on my part). She only went nude on the trails there, and reacted with scorn to the suggestion of going to the pool.

Yet just before we moved away, she went with me to a c/o beach with a nudist section, and would have tried it if the beach had had toilet facilities, but with Mother Nature calling, we had to leave. She did let our toddler son play nude for a few minutes that day.

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  1. A very interesting story Joe, I hope you don't put too much pressure on your wife. Maybe she'll decide to just join you someday when she feels ready for it. If she feels 'bullied' into our preferred lifestyle she'll reject it permanently!

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