Sleeping…. Beauty?

Falling asleep anytime, anyplace, is a sort of 'skill' that I have acquired in the more recent years. Now all I need is a place to sit, lay, or just be comfortable & I can be sleeping within 1 minute. My wife gets quite agitated because she has so much trouble actually going to sleep herself. I don't really worry too much about where I sleep either, it has happened in just about every conceivable location apart from under water of course! It has given rise to some fun moments too. My niece came by to see us and the weather was really good, I was laid on a lounger in our patio place, naked as always, Lisa & her son Ashley were soon naked too and gathering together stuff to go outdoors and enjoy the lawns. I was suddenly aware of laughter and voices, I opened my eyes to see our visitors plus a neighbour (who stays clothed) being really enjoying a sort of 'picnic'. My face felt 'dry' 'puckered' and unusually not as it should be. I got myself up with some difficulty and went to look into our hallway mirror, I could hear roars of laughter behind me. Yes! Some cheeky little blighter had used lots of 'make-up' to decorate my face, my chest & my stomach!
Oh the joys of sleeping anyplace!

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  1. At least he didn't use permanent marker like the groomsmen did to my cousin's chest the night before his wedding! Not sure how many it took to hold him down, but it's one reason I chose to forgo the traditional 'stag party's! LOL! 😉

    • Good idea. I did the same thing about 4 years ago and the sleep study showed that my breathing was stopping during the night, frequently for more than a minute at a time, interrupting normal sleep over 600 times in one night. No wonder I was like a zombie. I have to use a CPAP machine when I'm sleeping but it gave me benefits from the first night. Good luck!

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