Public exposure at the trash bin.

The road past my house is not very well traveled. Sometimes one can wait half an hour without any vehicles at all. There are only about 4 homes and 6 farms in the 10 miles south to where it ends at a crossing road. The crossing road also goes across a small creek where a canoe or flat bottom boat can navigate to a nice lake for fishing, etc. In summer we get some boat traffic, maybe 6 per day.

Last evening I took a bag of trash out to my trash bin at the road. As I walked toward the bin I heard a car coming from the south. I ignored it and kept walking, holding the trash at my side. I was maybe 75 feet from the trash bin and 100 feet from the road when a red pickup went past. In the back of the pickup was 4 or 5 brightly colored kayaks or paddle boats of some kind. Lake people. I couldn't see how many people were in the pickup. They probably got a quick look at my front side as they passed. They drove on past and soon rounded the corner to my north (left).

I walked on out to my bin and put the trash in. I stood there for a moment wondering what I should do next when a vehicle rounded the corner to my north, headed south. I closed the trash bin lid and began walking up the driveway toward my house. As they passed I glanced over my shoulder and saw it was the same pickup again, this time headed south. I was again about 100 feet from the road. I kept walking away. The pickup passed by.

I had gotten maybe another 100 feet when the same pickup pulled up and stopped in front of my driveway to get a better look. I'm sure they appreciate the view of my beautiful older gluteus maximus, my crack between them, bare back, bare feet, long thinning grey hair, etc.

I came to the part of my driveway where it goes up a hill and then around a corner. As I continued walking up my hill the pickup drove off. I do hope they enjoyed seeing a beautiful older man taking out his trash. They devoted time and energy into having a look.

Whomever they were it gives them an opportunity to encounter and see a human being engaged in ordinary non-confrontational activity. I enjoy being seen and appreciated naked, just a beautiful human being.

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  1. If even half of all nudists were out and got seen once a week by someone else, within a year or two there would be two results, 1. there would be many more nudists being seen in public, and 2. seeing a naked human being would no longer be unusual.

    • Absolutely. Being seen naked in non-threatening situations makes seeing a human being into something that can be and is seen. It gives social permission for them to get naked, and it discourages complaints about naked people.

      Those of us who want naked to be acceptable have to act as if it is acceptable to be seen naked.

  2. I discovered this Summer that it is possible to wheel our trash and re-cycle bins the 20 feet from my door to in front of our garage without being visible. I am surrounded by walls to my left and rear and our car to my right. As long as no one is directly in front of me or in the driveway nearby I'm safe. It's been fun tempting fate.

  3. I live at a corner on one of the main access roads into the area where I live. This brings traffic at irregular intervals – sometimes 20 minutes or more between cars, sometimes just seconds. When I take the trash bin out to the curb at night, nude, I stop about halfway down to the road to listen for cars. If none are coming, I can finish the journey with no problems. If I hear traffic, I just have to wait for a minute or so until they pass. Because of the way my driveway twists into the trees, there are very few sight lines to the point where I stop to listen. I'd like to not have to worry about being seen, but it's better to be discreet in this area.

    • I could stop and listen for approaching traffic too, and that would reduce my encounters. I used to do that and fear being seen. But the older I get the less concerned for being "caught." I now enjoy being seen naked in a perverse way.

      I have sometimes waited until I hear a car approaching and then take my trash bag the last 100 feet or so. That doesn't work all the time because there isn't much traffic most days.

  4. Our newspaper usually arrives in the roadside box in front of our house by 4 in the morning. Our rural road isnt normally busy during the evenings and early morning. I usually walk out nude to collect the paper. One morning I walked out to find it hadnt arrived yet. Just as I was strted walking back up to the house the paper carrier pulled up. I want more than 10 feet from the box. I was caught. Found out too she was female. I apoligized and she laughed and said it was fine. She was sorry too for the late delivery. Found out she and her husband live in the same township as us and they too enjoy some occasional nudity on their property. We have past a couple of times since but the delivery is normally there before I rise.

    • It is strange how natural nakedness has become a sight that causes such attentions. When I was 'caught' naked out in my garden by a woman walking her dog, we had a short conversation about outdoor nudity, she was surprised that so many millions of people actually prefer being naked. She said that in 35 years of marriage she & her husband only saw each other naked was after a night of love making, when daylight came before they could put their 'nightwear' back on!

      • Most vehicles who drive past when I'm near the road just keep on going. A couple of weeks ago I was taking out the trash and a woman neighbor just waved. Its unusual for anyone to come back. This group were tourists.

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