The Birthday Suit

Every person is born wearing a custom-designed body suit. It lasts a lifetime if taken care of by the wearer. It comes in many shades of pink/yellow/olive/red/brown from very very light to very very dark. Every part of every person's suit is made of the same stretchy, renewable material. It is only about 2mm thick. It is very flexible, especially at birth. It is washable and dry-able while being worn. It is very durable and waterproof. It expands as the body grows and when a larger size is needed. It even shrinks back down when the body size decreases. It covers every area of the person's body and follows their shape very closely. The suit usually automatically mends itself when damaged although a mark might be left where the damage occurred. It protects the person wearing it from pathogens. It prevents excessive water loss and gain. It insulates the person inside it, regulates their internal temperature and synthesizes Vitamin D. For most people, it automatically darkens to protect them when in the sun. It has specially shaped openings in it that allow air, liquids and solids to go in or out of the person. The suit has two darker lumps on the person’s breasts. When young, they are very small. The lumps on males stay small and serve no real purpose while the ones on females grow larger when she reaches child-bearing age to allow babies to be fed through them. This incredible suit, though complete at birth, can even be customized to some extent. But many people prefer to leave it as is. It usually requires little care other than being washed and dried occasionally and avoiding exposure to excessive temperatures. It must never be removed. When the birthday suit is not covered by other materials, the person is said to be nude.

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  1. I was going to complain about the wrinkles that formed underneath areas that once held muscles until I realized it is a diy project.
    The suit is not waterproof but it is a semi-permeable fabric allowing water and other substances to exit or enter in addition to the previously mentioned holes.
    Does any one know what the small filaments growing straight out of the skin are for? The stuff on my head is a kind of cover but all the other ones just seem to keep me wetter than I want to be.

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