Nudist Conventions

Planning to go to the AANR-SW convention at Oaklake Trails Resort in Oklahoma,  TX June 20-23, 2019.  Anyone else going?  Has anyone attended any nudist convention?

Big Nude Boat 2019

I went on the Carnival Sunshine chartered by Bare Necessities for the Big Nude Boat 2019 Cruise.  I really enjoyed it after the first day when we left Florida on


Humans are not created wearing clothes. Clothes are artificial additions to our bodies. Humans created clothes for protection or warmth when needed. People are taught that wearing clothes is the

Modern Swimwear Styles

Burkini, Bikini, “Nukini” see The Burkini swimsuit is similar to “swim costumes” worn almost 100 years ago required by “civilized” society for modesty. It covers a woman's entire body

The Birthday Suit

Every person is born wearing a custom-designed body suit. It lasts a lifetime if taken care of by the wearer. It comes in many shades of pink/yellow/olive/red/brown from very very

Nudism or Naturism

Nude means having no clothing or covering;i.e. undressed and uncovered or not wearing any clothes. Nudity is the state of being nude. Partial nudity refers to a part of the

Why Be Nude?

In the July 2016 AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) Bulletin, there is an article about what people enjoy most about nude recreation. Briefly, the author states that almost every

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