Why Be Nude?

In the July 2016 AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) Bulletin, there is an article about what people enjoy most about nude recreation. Briefly, the author states that almost every nudist will respond by talking about freedom. "Enjoying recreational and social activities without the hindrance of clothing is a freeing experience." He elaborates about it being psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically freeing. He says to not lose the feelings of freedom, we should challenge ourselves with new nude recreation experiences. I agree with him, but I think the basic reason why we should go nude is simpler than that.

Here is a response I am sending to editor@aanr.com

"Why be nude and why enjoy nude recreation? Although I’ve always preferred sleeping nude and being nude as much as possible, I was not active in social nude recreation until June 2014 at age 66 when I started visiting nudist resorts nearby. I joined AANR in January 2016. Since retiring from working for other employers and moving to the country in 2012, I have been able to remain nude more. Unless we have visitors or are going somewhere, I don't need to wear any clothes most of the time. It is much more comfortable to stay nude. Wearing any clothing feels uncomfortable compared to being nude. I also want to be that comfortable when working outside, playing, socializing and traveling. Nudism is definitely about freedom as Dan Whicker stated in his article, but to me, it is more about comfort. It feels good to be nude and it is a healthy lifestyle. When you realize that nudity has nothing to do with sex and that no body or any area of the body is disgusting or shameful, the question becomes “Why not be nude socially and recreationally?”

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  1. I've been spending so much time in the buff on the weekends and at home that I forgot and went out to light my grill tonight…oops. By the time I lit the grill, I noticed something was missing and carefully slid back in before I "offended" one of my neighbors…

    Clothes are pointless when it's 90+ outside!

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