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An issue has arisen with a photo, The photo itself is not the best "poster boy" for the issue, it just happened to be the one where the issue arose. There are in fact two separate issues, and I have separated them out into two blogs. This is the blog about photos taken of non-members. The other blog is about comments about "lovely ladies" and what effect that may have on female membership.

This blog is to be read after reading the comments on that photo.


There are, at the time of writing, 9,842 photos on this site. I am raising an issue about photos which appear to be of non-members, and whether they are appropriate here. It is not as though there is a shortage of photos of naked people here, and they are growing in number all the time. Maybe a few of those photos would not be available any more if there was more respect for the rights of the subject of the photo, but by no means would all photos disappear.

People seem to be saying that their rights to look at photos of naked people is so valuable, that that right is greater than the right of the subjects of the photos to be fully aware of where and how their photos are being used, and the control of the subjects of the photos over the audience that photo gets. There is really no other way to explain the anger with which people are demanding that discussion gets closed down on this issue.

What makes me angry, and what explains why I have taken the step of escalating this further, is that people are convincing themselves of mistaken facts — I am not saying lying … yet … — to enable themselves to ignore the rights of the subject. They say that the subjects have taken part in the Naktiv site community and if they had a problem with the photo the subjects themselves would object. When this claim is put to a test, it ends up that none of that is true. But it seems that even if that is false, it does not appear to change the conclusions.

I am told that this issue has been raised before, but I am expected to take the report on the conclusions of that discussion on faith, when already I have seen that people are mistaken about crucial facts in this topic to convince themselves of their right to continued access to photos of nude people. Frankly, I want to review those previous discussions, in view of the way this issue is being dealt with now.

Apparently, raising issues such as this is an indication that I do not have a life, and I am not being real. That is supposed to convince me of the correctness of their arguments in what way?

I don't want to single out Ján Kleskeň because I don't think he is the only person posting photos of non-members, but I will point out that he has a practice of posting photos which are not even his

I will of course defer to the judgement of the site owner on this issue. I do understand the desire to have a critical mass of content to keep a community vibrant, but I do also think that we can survive on just our own photos.

Frankly, it is not as though the membership here is unable to get a fix of looking at naked photos of strangers other places, and if we allow it here, this ends up being a site for gawkers. That is not the sort of site that I want to be a member of, and I have already, by making a similar statement in the photo comment, in effect made an ultimatum. The attitudes that have been displayed so far suggest that this might not be the community for me.

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  1. All the more reason this site will go the same way as the "True Pervert" site I left did 🙁 I don't want to "censor" anyone being Natural." I just want to put the "best" face on for new Women or Men here, so they are not intimidated, or feel they have to post crotch shots! It is all about setting a "precedence!" Being there out in Nature & seeing this is good, but not if you have yet to truly experience being naked, outside socially, with real Naturists.

  2. Rights of the subject? In a public situation the there are no rights of the subject. Your right to be or not to be in a photo does not trump the photographer's right to take the photo nor require your permission to be in the photo. If someone takes a picture of you naked at a nude beach, on naked on public property you have no rights if the image is not used for commercial purposes, or somehow misrepresents you.

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