Humans are not created wearing clothes. Clothes are artificial additions to our bodies. Humans created clothes for protection or warmth when needed. People are taught that wearing clothes is the normal way to be, but it is not. Customs and religions made being nude unacceptable, shameful or sinful. Everyone is nude sometimes such as when bathing, changing clothes, being examined or treated medically, etc. It is often acceptable for people of the same sex to be nude together in locker rooms or other places. Many people sleep nude because sleepwear is as unnecessary as wearing a swimsuit when taking a bath or shower. Nude is healthier and more comfortable. The cultural norm may be clothed, but nude is our body's real normal state .

Why not be nude at home? Housework, cooking, relaxing, reading, doing laundry, watching TV, using the computer, playing games, exercising and other activities at home don't always require clothes. Even when clothes are required, little may be necessary and underwear is not needed. Playing, working or relaxing outside in your “birthday suit” is very enjoyable and healthy. Fresh air and sunlight on your entire body is relaxing and reduces stress. Except when it's very cold, the body regulates its temperature better when uncovered. Working nude in the yard, garden or on a farm is more comfortable except when clothes are needed for protection. You have more freedom of movement without clothes making most tasks less stressful and more enjoyable.

People don't become indecent, immoral or sinful just by taking off all of their clothes. The person is the same without clothes. Clothing styles and fashions are designed to impress people, get attention by “dressing up” or to show social status or profession. The most comfortable and casual way to dress is to wear nothing. Nudists believe being nude is decent, so no minimum clothing is necessary for modesty. In most cultures, exposing "too much" of the body is indecent, shameful or sinful. The minimum coverage required ranges from skimpy swimsuits to covering almost the entire body. Customs and laws vary by place and over time. They usually require females to cover different body parts such as breasts or more of the body than males. Nudists know that none of the human body is shameful. They prefer to be in the normal state of no clothes. Nudism is also about body acceptance, equality and respect of others. Physical appearance, skin tone, sexual orientation, gender, age, size, physique, masculinity or femininity do not matter. Everyone has something different or unique about their body. It is okay to notice or admire a person's face or body, but not to stare or judge them. It's never okay to body shame, harass or ridicule another person's appearance.

Nude recreation is comfortable, convenient and fun. Once they get used to being nude in their home, yard or garden, people usually go to nude beaches, camps, hikes, resorts, etc. Swimsuits are not needed for swimming or sunbathing. They are less comfortable and hygienic than wearing nothing. At non-nude beaches and pools, men often wear baggy, soggy swim trunks while women wear bikinis that emphasize what they are hiding. Bikinis are decorative, fashionable or “sexy” rather than functional or modest. Swim costume fashions change often to sell more of something that covers little in order to be stylish. Swimming and sunbathing nude soon feels normal and wearing a swimsuit feels strange. You will need less luggage and have less laundry when you go nude.

Social nudism is people of all ages and both sexes being casually nude together. Nudism recognizes that nudity is our normal state and human bodies are not shameful or embarrassing. Nudist organizations with rules of conduct provide safe environments for social and recreational nudity with organized activities. People don't lose control or become perverts when they take their clothes off. Nudism is a moral and respectful lifestyle. Nudists are normal people that enjoy the comfort, freedom and health benefits of being nude.

Nude is not harmful. Clothed people have no reason to fear unclothed people. They should not be offended by non-threatening humans simply in their normal state of wearing nothing. Being offended by a person's body is the same as being offended by their skin color, race or speech. The human body is not disgusting, immoral, indecent, scary, shameful or sinful. Children should not be taught to be disturbed by nudity. How a person dresses is a choice of expression like make-up, jewelry or hairstyles. People who wear little or nothing should not be bullied or shamed for their choice. Being nude should not be a crime. Government should not tell people how to dress. Laws should protect people from harm, not from being offended.

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  1. The right words matter, that is true, but what is the right word here? As Don says, many things are 'natural', but not desirable and I have suffered that retort from critics in the past when I have claimed that nudity is natural. Looking at the definitions and synonyms for 'normal' it is impossible to find a satisfactory alternative. It is also quite common to find 'normal' being used to refer to something that should be commonplace (a synonym for normal), but currently isn't. It is well known that if you repeat something enough times it becomes true where popular opinion is concerned, so for this purpose 'normal' is the best word and therefore the right word in this context.

    • Good response. The whole normal/natural argument is a semantic debate. Seems trivial, but a single word can detail the discussion. Simply by causing a tangent that is hard to recover from and the original intent is lost.

  2. 100% with you on this Don. Body and nudity shame are learned, put into people's brain while growing. Once you get rid of this, you rediscover your body and step into a form of freedom that was long forgotten. As nudists and naturists we need to continue 1. staying naked as much as we can, 2. educate others about the benefits of naturism/nudism, 3. keeping our naked spirit high. I've seen progress made around the world, we just need to continue and amplify it. It's between all nudists' hands.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Everyone already knows that everyone is born nude and it is natural. There are many natural things that are undesirable. Birth defects and diseases are biological abnormalities, but they're also natural. Natural is not the right word for making a case for nudity. Nude is a normal biological condition or state of the human body. The point is to get more people thinking “nude is normal” in spite of what "society" considers normal so they aren't irrationally disturbed by nudity. The more it is said, the more people may accept casual nudity as a choice at least in places like beaches and hiking trails.

  4. No Don, everyone was born natural. Normal is a social construct. Defined by society or a group within society. Normal is not nude at the racetrack. We may want it to be a norm, but for now it isn't and when presenting a case, the right words matter.

  5. And yes, Don, I split hairs, and argue thin differences, but the reality is, while your essay is completely true, except for the word "normal", it is that fine point that makes the difference. Nudist colonies are a great idea, and would solve many of what you see as problems for nudists. And while there have been some, I can help but think that the reason they tended to fail is because nudists can't agree on how to run a commune any better than anyone else.

    • Nudists have little else in common, not more than any other random people. A commune of random people doesn't work well. Its also usually away from normal neighborhoods and jobs. Not a good option. We need to demand rights to be naked in normal neighborhoods.

  6. Well, natural yes, normal no. Normal is a societal stricture. It is not necessarily natural. It is something that conforms to wherever you are, so, normal at a nude beach isn't normal at a football game. If you start in on natural, remember, most nude beaches ban perfectly "normal" bed room behavior. While you were born naked, and lacking hair and body modifications, it is not "normal" for most places in the world.

  7. Control of our own bodies is our most fundamental human right, and it is take away by governments (and churches) to teach practiced obedience from slaves. Even many self proclaimed "nudists: are so well trained they object to anyone who goes out in public natural. BN strongly criticized Stephen Gough for demanding his fundamental rights to go without clothes.

    Nude is our natural human condition and our most basic human right. We must demand it as our most important human right or we will continue being slaves do not even control our own bodies.

    • As the person who frequently responded to reports of Stephen Gough's behaviour on behalf of BN (between 2009 and 2014) I would like to point out that BN supported his right to be naked and frequently argued on his behalf, only criticising him for his contempt of court – for which he was originally and repeatedly locked up.

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