nakeder than thou

Okay, for the record, I am a casual nakeddist. Not a nudist, naturist or whatever. I do not actively go out and recruit, I don't protest while naked, or nude or nekkid. I wear clothes at home with a few times a week of buff dishwashing. I watch movies clothes free quite a bit, or used to until they kicked me out of the theatre, jk. And now I get to the point, why it doesn't matter if I'm a casual or life long, strip when I hit the door nudist? Answer, well, it shouldn't but some how, my credibility is possibly up for question. I keep reading comments about how this or that is better nude. Cooking isn't,unless you are immune to the occasional hot grease or hot marinara on your privates. Gardening, yeah, I can see that, not in my yard because of street visibility but, yeah. There is a tendency to overplay the word "nude". Have a nude day! Everything's better nude. (Like it's a Ritz cracker) We get it, you like being naked. We are born naked, but we are also both predominantly hairless too. So, I am a casual nakeddist. That's my word and I am standing by it.

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