The question of anonymity came up and how nudists aren't anonymous. While I don't care what you call yourself, I have seen quite a few "handles". I have a bit

a break

We all need an occasional break from whatever. I took one from Facebook, after recent events, I can't keep wallowing in the daily political whatevers. So, I am off that

25 years

I know, I have mentioned it before, but I got to say it again, I first posed nude for an art class 25 years ago. That's a milestone. But what


Some folks have an answer ready for why they are nudists. And some, like me, wing it, if and when asked. I say if, because I haven't been asked. I


That word, loaded, fraught with pitfalls and peril. A tarbaby waiting for an unsuspecting victim to pick it up. What pray tell constitutes exhibitionism? Most folks would say titillation is

Sun scream

Never, never, NEVER, believe that sunburns only happen in the summer. We were college sophomore or juniors. It was early June and the water was not freezing.We were out in


What a wonderful word, provocative and all its spin-offs, provocation, provocateur, and the root word provoke. There are some side words like vocation, and probably vocal, but I'm too lazy

Not cool

A while back, someone asked if it was okay to compliment other body parts like we compliment eyes or hair. Short answer, no. The ladies have been subjected to cat


There are tall words, short words, skinny words, fat words, long words and small words. Words that rhyme, words that don't, words that could and words that won't. The question

Exhibit A

Flashers, whether male or female, drunk or sober, are an interesting phenomena. On one hand, legalities prevail and with a few exceptions, it's deemed illegal and inappropriate. Okay, maybe tolerated

Devil's advocate

I love to be the agitator from time to time. I get accused of being a curmudgeon by people who can't even spell the word curmudgeon. Sometimes its because people

smoke bombs

Remember those balls with the fuse, that you lit, tossed, and smoke billowed out of them? Firework stands sold them every holiday season that celebrated something that fireworks seemed like

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