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Flashers, whether male or female, drunk or sober, are an interesting phenomena. On one hand, legalities prevail and with a few exceptions, it's deemed illegal and inappropriate. Okay, maybe tolerated up to a point during spring break or Mardi Gras. The question is, does it actually hurt the nudist cause?
Marijuana is legal in several states in the U.S. and there are still folks against it. So, would legalized nudity be any different? And if it became legal would exhibitionism go away? Of course not, and neither would people confusing the two. So, what's wrong with exhibitionism? Other than prudery?
I don't appreciate lack of safe areas for children and believe parents should have a right to safe places for children,but, that is my opinion. I feel the same about vulgar language also. So, does it really hurt the cause or is it just offensive for some and not others? And what constitutes exhibitionism and where do you draw the line? My line is sex in public view. Where is your line?

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