Naturism in Spain

We are in the process of moving to southern Spain.
Do any members have any information on beaches and clubs and the etiquette involved?
We're both relaxed in our attitude and really looking forward to our new lives in the sun.

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  1. There is another resort at south, bit northern than Vera Playa, is called El Portus, nice small family oriented camping, with bungalows and propoerties on it, and open during the whole year. The place is quite humble, not big luxuries… luxury is the beach (small but very nice), the mountain (you can hike naked on it for kms) and the weather. We usually go there few times per year so if you need more information… Vera Playa is nice because you can be naked around and walk to the beach, and it has a long beach but not a really nice beach, and the place looks like another random spanish touristic villa, we don't like very much. But if you have a car you can reach very nice beautiful beaches easily. And there is another nudist camping in the countryside, not far from there. Charco del Palo is nice because is very natural and wild. There are two more naturist campings in the North area of Spanish Mediterranean, El Templo del Sol is really good, and located in a spectacular long naturist beach. But it does not open for the whole year.
    Anyway, if you have more questions, you can answer… maybe I'll know the answers haha

      • It's just north of Lanzarote airport, 30km I believe. Very rugged coastline; no beach to speak of but there are more sandy sections to the north of the resort.

        Plenty of walking available. I think I walked pretty much every square inch of it all along the coastline to the next resorts either sides then up into the hills.

        Wonderfully relaxed atmosphere but facilities in the resort are limited to one shop, a pub and 2 restaurants. Have a look at the wonderful website by Wendy and Alan that I booked my accommodation through. I put a few photos up last November after my first trip if you have a look in my photo albums but there are more on the website above.

  2. We have visited Costa Natura in Estepona – about an hour from the Malaga airport – it is a wonderful place to get introduced to the nudist community in Spain. We have friends who own a couple of properties there that might be available for rent if you would like an introduction.

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