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About me

Friendly and outgoing 40+ year old. Loving the confidence that naturism has given me. Originally travel trained which has now become a passion, particularly hiking and adventure holidays. Celebrated a big birthday by climbing Kilimanjaro but most of my travels have been to South, Central and North America as well as exploring more on my doorstep in Europe. Promised myself that I would make some time for a naturist calm down after all the adventure. Not as much time as I would like this year so I’ll have to make up for it next year. I Also run my own travel blog. Always try to live by the motto of “work to live, not live to work”.

Relationship status

In a relationship

Who I'd like to meet

Keen to meet like minded travellers and naturists of all ages.



Travel writing and biographies mainly but a little fiction when something peaks my interest.


Action and Adventure, the odd popcorn flick plus movies that make you think. Bored by 3D but excited about the future of HD and UHD.


Mainly all genres of rock plus some metal and country. Occasionally the odd radio play song makes my playlist but generally the mainstream charts and manufactured pop turn me off. I like to support band that that make the effort to play live so you'll find me in a lot of the smaller music venues dotted around London and the Home Counties throughout the year.

Clubs, organizations or federations

Member of British Naturism, Naturist Ramblers as well as a member of the Noah's Ark swim and attend Naturist London whenever I can. Desperately would love to join a NEWT tour in the near future.


Reading, socialising, supporting the good old British pub plus playing racket sports (squash mainly but also badminton when people ask and tennis when the weather plays ball) for fitness on top of an active job. But my real love is travelling and seeing as much of this beautiful planet we call home. I'm open to all types of travel but I love small group adventure tours, hiking holidays in far flung places with the odd beach holiday thrown in or a few extra days naturist beach time tagged onto the beginning or end of a tour. Sometimes I just put something together myself; being an ex travel agent I actually love the planning phase of any holiday.As a single traveller it can get expensive but i'm doing it a little bit at a time.





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