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    Ed - "After starting off this Monday with a wind chill of 0 degrees, on Thursday the weather is supposed to be sunny and 73 F. Time to hit the back yard au naturelle and soak up some blessed rays."View
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    NatMarc verified badge - "Reducing caffeeine to 2 coffees a day, stopping alcohol totally (including beer and wine), drinking more water, eating more greens and working out every day before work (naked of course). Decided to take my health […]"View
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    Richard - "Would it be too much to ask for by members who put up photos of lovely landscape or beaches put where it is, if you want too keep it secret just name the country please, as I look at them and just think WoW but […]"View
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    Xander - "Just to clarifiy; my apologies for the ageism. It’s just that I have had experiences that have me make preferences."View
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    Al Anbro verified badge - "An interesting study by Nina J. Morris of the University of Edinburgh commences with “…… Naturism occupies a paradoxical position in western society. Advocates have celebrated it as the authentic […]"View
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    Franck verified badge - "I’ve been away from here for months now but 2018 was a very good year for naked hiking, so let me share those marvelous moments with you. These photos were taken in February, as always in the French south Alps near Gap."View
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    Bepa Ball verified badge - "Naked Dining – Chinese Style I thought maybe the naked dining trend would be one that would fizzle out. It seems I am probably wrong, with Eastern Region once again quickly selling out the latest event at the T […]"View
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    Tor70 verified badge - "nice hot weekend in Toronto….great to stay naked at home"View
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    Kent Hiker verified badge - "G’day all I am organising a nude wrestling and bodypainting event in Southern Ireland 27 April, details are on my profile and in the events menu on here 🙂 Hope you like this video from a previous event 🙂 […]"View
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    John Cooper - "@emily Hi Emily good to have you on Naktiv you will find some interesting subjects. Nice to have a female who will be able to put a female point of view to subjects. Enjoy your self."View
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    Liam Cyfrin verified badge - "That’s how we all should be brought up."View
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    Patrick Thompson verified badge - "I’m pleased to accept a friendship request from Al Anbro , I send regards & thanks for your request Al. From one true naturist to another."View
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