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I’m a long haired nerdy naturist who lives always barefoot, loves being naked and likes rainbows and pasta.I always loved being naked but started to visit nude beaches regularly only a few years ago. Also it has become normal to get rid of all my clothes when I come home.I’m here because I agree with the mission statement. It is not my intention to provoke anybody neither I want to arouse attention which would make me feel uncomfortable. But currently I have to drive about 40 km to get to the nearest nudist area where I can swim without these silly bathing trunks.Two times I attended an organized group nude hike. We were about 20 people but also I had to drive more than 150 km to get there where someone had found an suitable and less frequented forest path.So I would be happy if nudity becomes more accepted and as a result is not limited anymore only to separate areas.As much as being nude I love to go barefoot always and everywhere. Feeling the surface under my bare feet improves my mood. Don’t know why but I like it. I also like the look. Feet look great especially in contrast to long pants and jacket.And so I finally decided in 2002 to spend the rest of my life on bare feet. Believe it or not but I haven’t worn shoes since then – not even in office. There are only very few exceptions e. g. when I have to visit a client or when there is a lot of snow. Finally being barefoot became my lifestyle. And of course there is also a group on the Internet for that: As I spent more time in the nude I also started taking photos an published some of them on deviantart. Despite I made them visible only for logged in users some where copied and pasted into NSFW tumblr blogs. So I finally decided to publish them also on my own blog. I have often thought about writing something about my intention behind these pictures on those blogs but didn’t. So I’m happy that this page already had created a perfect frame where they fit in. As I go along with the mission statement and manifesto I would be pleased if my contribution helps.As I really don’t like Facebook, I love the idea having this “Nudebook” here.

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Like minded and open minded people who share my interests.



Barefoot hiking, nude hiking, nature, science, travelling, discovering new worlds, photography, camping.








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