The question of anonymity came up and how nudists aren't anonymous. While I don't care what you call yourself, I have seen quite a few "handles". I have a bit of anonymity, but it doesn't take much detective work to guess where I live or at least what state in the US.
So, be real folks, some anonymity is acceptible, but the whole face blur deal has little to do with anonymity and everything to do with authenticity.
Anyone can steal someone's photo and claim it as their own, if the face is blurred, it makes it easier. There is also a currently posted photo of a yoing lady wearing a mask, and I saw no complains there because she is someone who has been posting ready, but sumbody with no profile and two dubious photos vs somebody with a profile and a masked photo is no comparison.
Apologies to anyone who read this when I first posted it. I was saving a thought as I rushed out for work.

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  1. On a site such as this, being honest is important. Many of us consider nudity or nakedness a form of honesty. We discuss how to widened acceptance of nudity. Could we achieve such a goal with hooded and masked faces. Why then would we tolerate a person submitting photos of blacked out, crop, masked or blurred faces.

    What is it they don't want known? Why join a site such as this if you are that fearful. I doubt it has anything to do with fear. Some could argue something about shame. I doubt the face negation has anything to do with shame. It is a fact there are many posers on the net. They are in the habit of impersonating and using stolen images of other people.

    many of us got that little green check mark just to show we are real.

    What would happen if any of us showed up naked but masked while visiting a nudist camp or resort?

  2. Isn't this all a little stupid? I have always been proud to be a nudist / nature lover, and nearly all of my friends or acquaintances (nearly all textiles) know that I am. Blurred faces and whatever else really have to no place in a community of people worldwide who enjoy a special feeling about life, nature and our senses. Just remove the photo (s)…. :)and him…

  3. Bob, this is not about that type of anonymity. The bozo in questjon posted a blurred face photo, he claimed anonymity, I call bullshit. The blur is as good as a headless. Both photos of him were faceless. I question the reason he did it That was the reason for my post.

  4. Since this site requires registration and password, I don't think a blurred or headless picture is appropriate. We are all here as nudists and should be open about it, unlike perhaps in the outside world. However, were I to post a photo of myself and another person, then I would blur his or her face unless I had specific permission to post it. But amongst ourselves, blurring faces is not warranted. I think all profile pictures should show one fully nude.

  5. I feel like a majorr point has veen lost. This isn't about anonymity for the average nudist on this site. It is about a specific individual and a blurred photo they posted. They said the blur was to remain anonymous, but it violates the site rules, and I was responding to that point. A headleas or blurred photo could easily have been stolen from another site and pawned off as their own. That was my intent.
    As for anonymity otherwise, we each have our reasons for disguising details about ourselves, and that is our own business.

  6. Do you ever heared about Amanda Todd? You can't stand on your special way of life in every environment. Anonymity is important for so much people who wants to connect to other people who likes to be naked whithout having a fear of getting bullied.

  7. James (and Timothy). I am pleased to say that I am a nudist/naturist (whatever the difference is?) but do remember thinking when I was younger whether being naked was a substitution for "porn" in my mind. It was just a question, but it was a question there nonetheless.
    In answer to my previous nudist/naturist question, I am a nature lover and when naked, Nature is at its best. So I guess I am a naturist… very grateful and pleased about it.

  8. A nudist understands that being naked is nothing to be embarrassed about. Who cares if you are seen and identified just because you are nude? To most people, however, the sight of yourself naked is a treasured gift that you only bestow upon those you are most intimate with. Pictures of your body that are identified with you can only bring you ridicule and shame among the other "normal" people who know you (probably because it makes them so uncomfortable). Point being: I have some sympathy for people using anonymity as a way of exploring and easing into nudism – an intriguing but intimidating concept for many at first. Problem is separating those who are transitioning and those who are just using it for porn and have no intentions (or even maybe understanding) of nudism. Sometimes it is clear which is which, I imagine sometimes it is not as apparent.

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