Dizzy & Sick

This short story is about my niece Lisa & a recent incident of her son being 'laughed at'. Lisa is now with heer new male partner, he has adopted a naturist lifestyle too, having known Lisa for 5 years.
One morning a month ago Lisa fell and banged her head getting out of the shower, she wasn't hurt too bad but she did feel sick & dizzy. Her son (who's name I'm asked to withhold) realised his mum needed checking over. Luckily a near neighbour is a male nurse at a large hospital. As her partner was away working Lisa asked her son to ring and ask Terry to pop over. When he arrived Lisa was very unsteady and sat still naked on her bed. The son (also still naked) took Terry to his mum, unfortunately Terry's 12 year old daughter was also there, the son hurried her into the front patio seat and left her there.
Days later when Lisa was fully recovered, her boy told her many of the local teenagers are laughing at him for being naked when Terry & 'Nikki' were at the house.
QUESTION:: How would you deal with this situation if you were Lisa?

I'll finish this true story for you soon. . .

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  1. My question is, how did the other teens know the son was naked in front of Nicki? If it was her that mentioned it to the others, Lisa has little to do except to explain to Terry that nude is their lifestyle, and possibly some education of Nikki is in order. Not only of nudism, but explaining that privacy of others is important.

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